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Switzerland, Zug, Gartenstrasse 4
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About us


Nestan Trading AG was founded in 2012. The company’s core business includes trading at the international commodity market and providing freight and consulting services in tanker shipping.

The Head office of Nestan Trading AG is in Switzerland, Zug, at Gartenstrasse 4.

Nestan Trading AG is part of the RLA Group (Real Life Assets) since 2017.

Financial Results in the year 2018: 

  • Turnover: 200 million CHF
  • EBITDA: 2,5 million CHF

Average monthly transshipment in 2019:

  • Gasoil: 90'000 mt
  • Naphtha: 65'000 mt
  • Bunker fuel: 12'000 mt
  • Degummed Soya Bean oil: 20'000 mt
  • Barley feed: 5'000 mt

Projected amount of transshiped goods in the year 2019 will exceed 2 million tons.

Projected Financial Results:

  • Turnover: over 1 billion CHF
  • EBITDA: over 15 million CHF


Switzerland, Zug, Gartenstrasse 4